ÇANAKKALE (1915-1916)

ÇANAKKALE (1915-1916)


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The Battle of Çanakkale, also known as the Battle of Gallipoli, was a pivotal conflict during World War I. It took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula in northwestern Turkey. In April 1915, Allied forces, mainly from the British and French, attempted to capture the peninsula to gain control of the Dardanelles Strait and open a supply route to Russia. However, the Ottoman Empire, led by commanders like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, fiercely defended their homeland.

The battle turned into a brutal and protracted stalemate, with both sides suffering heavy casualties. Ultimately, the Allies were forced to withdraw in early 1916, marking a significant defeat. The battle had a lasting impact, contributing to the formation of modern Turkey and shaping the career of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Today, Çanakkale remains a symbol of Turkish resilience and is commemorated annually on March 18th as Çanakkale Martyrs’ Day.


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